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Title: Embracing the Challenge: My Journey to Make it as Hard as Possible

Last evening, I reflected on why I don't achieve all my goals, why I say no only to say yes later (people-pleasing), why I hesitate and self-sabotage, and why my misdirected passion and lust sometimes take me on painful labyrinths that take days, months, or years to break free from—at a great loss of my time and life.

So, I've concluded that the problem is I seek ease, I don't challenge myself enough, and I care too much about others' opinions. The answer is to make it as hard as possible for myself. This doesn't mean unnecessary complications but a deliberate commitment to self-improvement and empowerment. Here are the principles I've chosen to live by:

1. Cutting Ties for Control:

I will block out negativity and toxic influences, taking charge of my life by intentionally removing those who hinder my growth.

2. The Power of No:

I will confidently say "no" when necessary, recognizing the importance of setting boundaries to protect my time and well-being.

3. Embracing Discomfort:

I will disentangle myself from comfort zones, making tough choices that lead to personal growth, even when it's uncomfortable.

4. Seeking Challenges for Growth:

I will actively seek challenges, viewing them as opportunities to learn and expand my capabilities.

5. Mind Discipline:

I will discipline my mind to stay focused on my goals, avoiding distractions that hinder progress.

6. A Complaint-Free Zone:

I will refrain from complaining, choosing instead to focus on solutions and the positive aspects of my journey.

7. Pathfinding and Bulldozing:

I will be both the pathfinder and the bulldozer, forging my own way through obstacles and creating opportunities.

8. Daily Skill Perfection:

I will dedicate time each day to perfecting my skills, recognizing that continuous improvement is the key to mastery.

9. Physical Resilience:

I will exercise daily, pushing my physical limits to grow stronger and more resilient.

10. Mental Exercise:

I will exercise my mind daily through reading and recall, nourishing my intellect and expanding my knowledge.

11. Nourishing my Body:

I will discipline myself to nourish my body well by eating the most wholesome, nourishing plant foods, recognizing the vital connection between a healthy diet and overall well-being.

12. Ignoring External Noise:

I will care less about what people say, understanding that my path is my own, and the opinions of others do not define my journey.

By embracing these principles, I am not shying away from difficulty; instead, I am actively seeking it to forge a life of purpose, strength, and continual improvement. Making it as hard as possible is my chosen path to a fulfilling and empowered existence.

As I navigate my life's journey, I often reflect on fundamental questions: Who has loaned me life? Who holds my destiny in His hands? Whom am I answerable to? Only my maker, my creator, the original mover, the unshakable shaker. In acknowledging this, I find the strength to persist, the courage to endure, and the wisdom to remain true to the challenging yet rewarding path I've chosen. It is through this unwavering connection that I draw the resilience to make it as hard as possible—a testament to my commitment to a purpose-driven and fulfilling life.

By Dr Purity Carr

GP & Menopause Specialists

Harvey, WA

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Unknown member
Nov 13, 2023

You are loved!

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