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In the mirror of tomorrow, I see my future self,

A wiser, stronger version, rising from the depths,

With every step I take today, in the path I choose to tread,

I'm showing up for my tomorrow, for my future self ahead.

The choices may be challenging, the road may seem unclear,

But I walk with determination, banishing my fear,

For in the depths of every trial, in the crucible of strife,

I forge a brighter future, a better way of life.

I'm making hard decisions now, with purpose in my gaze,

Embracing transformation through life's intricate maze,

Though the burdens may be heavy, the sacrifices grand,

I'm crafting a foundation on which my dreams will stand.

In the whispers of the twilight, my future self I greet,

With gratitude and tenderness, for my struggles, we shall meet,

For every sacrifice I make, every challenge that I face,

Is a gift to my tomorrow, a testament of grace.

I show up for my future self with love and dedication,

In every tough decision, I find my inspiration,

For the legacy I'm building, the dreams I will fulfill,

Begin with each courageous step, each act of strength and will.

So I walk this path with purpose, my heart and soul aligned,

Embracing all the challenges, knowing they're a sign,

That through the trials and hardships, I'm weaving destiny,

Showing up for my future self, the best that I can be.

Poem to you by yours truly

Dr Purity Carr

GP & Menopause Specialist

Harvey WA

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