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Embrace Your Journey to Greatness

Are you dedicating your all to your future self's call,

Your own best cheerleader, standing tall?

Don't let others' opinions hinder your flight,

Break free from the chains, embrace the light.

Soar higher, change is life's constant theme,

You can choose to engage or passively dream.

Embrace the journey, be active in your stride,

It's your life, take the reins, don't let it slide.

Is your current situation in tune with your soul's design?

In a relationship running out of time?

Do draining forces surround your sphere?

It's time to rise, let go of that fear.

Self-care is a gift, it's the key you possess,

Let the haters hate, their words mean no less.

As they throw abuse, let it fall from behind,

Your strength won't let it confine your mind.

You're the woman for the job, doubt has no part,

Not even you can tear your dreams apart.

Show up for your aspirations, no matter the cost,

Stumbles are not losses; you're never truly lost.

With each failure, you grow, taking a stand,

You try, you fail, but you'll rise and expand.

One day you'll break through, like morning's first ray,

Your hard work paving the way to a brighter day.

Success is a journey, the start's just one part,

Celebrate your failures, they're part of the journey.

In the process, you'll find the path to greatness anew,

Embrace each moment, for the world is waiting for you!

The worthiest goals don't come with ease,

Keep going, keep pushing, embrace what you please.

When they call you crazy, keep aiming high,

Don't settle for average, reach for the sky.

You're a gift to the universe, don't let your dreams be stilled,

Show up for yourself, let your purpose be fulfilled.

Every morning, arrive with a radiant grin,

Greet every morning with gratitude,

In dire situations, find a positive and be grateful for that positive!

In the face of challenges, you'll rise and evolve,

You're a powerhouse of strength, a problem-solving solve.

You are the designer, architect, and curator of your life.

Make it count! Don't give up; never give up!

Make the tough choices today.

Without apologies, walk away from situations that no longer serve you.

Become your own cheerleader! Be the best version of yourself.

Don't give up now; fake it till you become it!

By confronting your fears, you're investing in your future self!

Show up every morning, every afternoon, every evening, and every night.

Continually show up for yourself! The universe is waiting for you!

By yours truly,

Dr Purity Carr

GP and Menopause Specialist

Harvey WA

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