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7 steps to succeed in anything you undertake

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Without any prologues or distractions, here are 7 steps to becoming successful in anything you undertake, using examples and advice from famous successful women:

Step 1. Set Clear Goals:

- Example: Oprah Winfrey, who set clear career goals and worked diligently to achieve them. Align your life choices with your vision. Say no to people, projects, or opportunities that don't align with your vision. Just before setting up my menopause clinic, I was in a work situation that no longer brought me joy. In tears, I sat down one Sunday afternoon and scribbled my personal manifesto, which was something like this:

"I am Purity, and I believe in my power to achieve success as a woman.

1. Self-Confidence: I will embrace my uniqueness and have unwavering confidence in my abilities.

2. Education and Growth: I commit to lifelong learning and personal development, continuously expanding my knowledge and skills. Knowledge is my superpower!

3. Resilience: I will face challenges head-on, using setbacks as stepping stones toward my goals. Onward forever, backward never!

4. Support and Empowerment: I will seek and provide support to other women, knowing that together, we can achieve greatness. Embrace and applaud others' success!

5. Self-care and self-love: My body is my business! I will move my body daily and keep exercise simple and fun. I will "Eat mostly food, Not too much, Mostly plants." I love this quote from Michael Pollan.

6. Equality and Inclusivity: I will advocate for gender equality and inclusivity, breaking down barriers for myself and future generations of women. Together, we are stronger!

7. Passion and Purpose: "I know who I was (I'm no longer that fearful, timid woman), I know who I am (I'm great), and I know where I'm heading. I'm committed to my values and vision!"

8. Fearlessness: I will not let fear hold me back, taking risks and embracing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

9. Respect and Dignity: I will treat others with respect and demand the same for myself, never compromising my dignity.

10. Leadership: I will lead by example, empowering and inspiring those around me to strive for their success."

This personal manifesto serves as a reminder of my values, aspirations, and commitment to success as a woman.

Step 2. Believe in Yourself:

- Example: Michelle Obama, who emphasized the importance of self-confidence and self-belief. Practice visualization daily. Visualize the future you're aiming for. Visualization is the Google Map of your life's journey. See yourself as the woman you desire to be and adopt her confidence, poise, sensibility, and easy charm.

Step 3. Develop a Strong Work Ethic:

- Example: Sheryl Sandberg, who advocates for hard work and dedication in one's career. Learn how to live in the moment. This enhances your flow, hence productivity. Set yourself daily tasks, allocate time to each task, and complete those tasks without allowing distractions. If you practice focus and remain in the now, you remove all distractions that don't serve your mission for the day. Your moment-by-moment mission and action are pieces of your life's jigsaw puzzle.

Step 4. Learn Continuously:

- Example: Maya Angelou, who emphasized the importance of lifelong learning and personal growth. Time and knowledge are your greatest assets. Use time wisely, pursue knowledge, and apply wisdom (wisdom is the application of knowledge). I love reading and listening to podcasts. Since discovering Audible, I aim to complete a book a week. We are living in a time when knowledge is expanding rapidly. For instance, I can watch a YouTube podcast hosted by my favorite podcasters like Stephen Bartlett, and, in just one hour, learn something that took the person being interviewed a lifetime to acquire.

Step 5. Build a Support Network:

- Example: Malala Yousafzai, who received support from her family and the global community to pursue her mission. Align yourself with successful, like-minded people. Move away from toxic individuals who no longer serve you.

Step 6. Overcome Challenges:

- Example: J.K. Rowling, who overcame adversity and rejection on her path to becoming a successful author. You will inevitably be rejected at some point. Don't take it personally when you do. Instead, let rejection serve as a reminder that you're a step closer to your breakthrough. The path to overnight success is a myth. You will fall again and again, but keep yourself up, talk yourself up, and keep going. The closer you get to the end of a race, the harder it feels. Don't stop now. If you stop, you lose all your hard work and the sweet relief of completing your race and winning your prize. The symphony of success is composed in the mind, played with determination, and conducted by unwavering focus.

Step 7. Stay Persistent:

- Example: Serena Williams, who attributes her success to her unwavering persistence and determination in tennis. Perfect your craft. It takes 10,000 hours of practice to perfect your skill.

Remember, Just as a musician tunes their instrument before a performance, so must you fine-tune your mind for the symphony of success.

By Dr Purity Carr

GP & Menopause Doctor

Dr Purity Carr Menopause Clinic

Harvey, WA

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Unknown member
Oct 21, 2023

Very incite full. I will endeavor to read this daily so I also become this.


Unknown member
Oct 21, 2023

Love this ❤️

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