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How To Have Great Sex Every Time; amazing bestselling sex expert tips

Updated: Jun 14

Ladies, you'll really love this one! Watch the sex expert podcast on DOAC linked below.

So, for women's sake, I’ve been on a hunt for a go-to person who understands women’s sexuality. I'm delighted to have found this sex expert on the Diary of a CEO podcast by Steve Bartlett.

She’s written 17 books on sex, yeah, I know! She’s not the kind that stands at the end of the bed and directs the program (if there was such a one), rather, she talks about what women need to do to enjoy sex.

While you prepare to enjoy the sex guru’s podcast, let me take you on a hormone journey. Let’s explore the hormone deficiency component to low libido for you. On this Valentine’s Day, as we celebrate love and connection, it's essential to recognize how menopause can impact women's sexual health and intimacy, particularly in the context of vaginal dryness and decreased libido.

  1. Vaginal Dryness: As estrogen levels decline during menopause, the vaginal tissues become thinner and produce less lubrication, leading to discomfort during intimate moments. This can affect the quality of sexual experiences and may contribute to feelings of frustration or inadequacy.

  2. Low Libido: Estrogen plays a significant role in regulating sexual desire, and its decline during menopause can lead to changes in neurotransmitter levels in the brain, resulting in a decreased libido or interest in sexual activity. Psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or relationship issues can also impact libido during this time.

  3. Testosterone and Progesterone: Testosterone, though often associated with males, also contributes to women's libido and sexual function. During menopause, fluctuations in testosterone levels may further impact libido, underscoring the importance of hormonal balance in maintaining sexual well-being.

  4. Similarly, while progesterone's influence on libido is less understood, its fluctuations during menopause may also play a role in sexual health.

So, with your hormones balanced, put on the music and enjoy your Valentine!

Happy valentine's 💕

Dr Purity Carr

GP & Menopause Doctor, Harvey, WA

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