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Friday 8th December 4PM💮
Come join me at Boyup Brook District High School. Register and pay at Boyup Brook Pharmacy, 80 Abel Street, 97651066.
$10 admission fee, proceeds go to charity.
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To register please scan the QR code below. The QR code takes you to an already set up form that all you need to do is add your email address and agree.


Initial F2F 1hr Consultation $220 Medicare Rebate $118 Out of pocket cost $102

Dr Purity Carr Menopause Clinic was set up to offer women accessible, personalised, evidence-based advice and treatment for perimenopause and menopause symptoms.  

Mission Statement 


Empowering Women Through Menopause

Please note that a 24-hour notice is required for appointment cancellations. This timeframe allows us sufficient time to inform individuals on the cancellation list, particularly women awaiting appointments.

Our new address is 2/3 Hayward Street Harvey  6220
To book a Menopause Consult, please call 0481224333

or book online here 

Your Go-to Source For  Perimenopause & Menopause Support 

Welcome to Dr Purity Carr Menopause Clinic at Purity Health™, where we believe in living life to the fullest. Our clinic in association with Samy Medical Group, is dedicated to providing safe, evidence-based knowledge and information on perimenopause and menopause. We understand that there are numerous myths and misunderstandings surrounding menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). One common misconception is that estrogen causes breast cancer, which is entirely false.

Here's the truth:

  1. Extensive evidence supports that women who are within 10 years of their menopause or under the age of 60 need not worry about HRT. The benefits significantly outweigh the risks for these women.

  2. If you have been taking HRT since your perimenopause or within 10 years of your menopause, there is no reason to discontinue it at any age.

  3. Even if you have surpassed your menopause or are over 60, starting HRT under the guidance of a knowledgeable practitioner is a viable option.

At Dr Purity Carr Menopause Clinic, we are committed to providing accurate information and personalized care. We encourage you to reach out to us for more details at or connect with us on Facebook at Dr Purity Carr Menopause Clinic. Let us support you on your menopause journey and help you live life to the fullest.